A portfolio will determine the BPPA Photographer of the Year. A portfolio must contain photographs from at least 4 different single image categories and at least two stories. A story may be from categories 10, 11, or 12. Portfolios may contain no more than 15 entries and no more than 50 images. Picture stories (categories 10, 11 and 12) are considered one entry and may contain no more than 12 images per story, except in the case of Sports Portfolio. If a Sports Portfolio (category 12) is included, follow the category rules (meaning the maximum number of images in the Sports Portfolio entry is 23 images – 11 singles and one 12 image sports picture story). Remember the portfolio is limited to 50 total images and 15 entries. Use plain black images as dividers at the front and back of each story; these do not count toward the maximum number of images in the story or the portfolio. All other rules apply, including captioning and rules on manipulation. Again, please note: EDITING COUNTS.

16 Portfolio – Photographer of the Year


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